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I have been a maker of things for as long as I can remember. As a child, my experience with art came through a large library of art books that my father kept in our home, along with regular trips to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and to the museums in Denver, Colorado where I grew up. We lived very close to the Denver Museum of Natural History, which existed long before the Denver Art Museum, and where we would go every year many times as school children. My mother was a writer and my fascination with words is due to her, and both my parents encouraged creativity, art, crafts, entrepreneurship, and appreciation of nature.

Somehow my work became infused by these influences, as well as by my Celtic heritage and Roman Catholic upbringing. My series that I now call “Illuminations of the Good Life” is a kind of catalog of human capabilities, conceived somewhat like a museum-style overview or list. Also, these images are small— like the size of holy cards or New Mexican retabloes-- and with the spiritual endowment of milagroes or miracles which are a kind of fetish object created to manifest a spiritual purpose of healing. The images in my series have been cast in many different materials and designs, each a unique kind of channel of energy to bring health and well-being.

I am honored that so many people have collected, appreciated, and supported my work. I estimate that I have sold my “Illumination Series” prints in one form or another to well over 100,000 people! Many have sent letters and cards thanking me for my work, and I am so grateful for every sale I have made during the past 30+ years of selling my art. Because of your support, I have managed to continue to grow and thrive as an artist. A version of my Illuminations Series in a larger scale graces the main hallway of the Adolescent Psychiatric Ward at Children’s Hospital Denver, a place where I send my well wishes daily and hope with all my heart to inspire creativity and peace. This series is soon to appear in book form also, and as a variety of useful objects.

In addition to this ongoing series of Illuminations, I make many other things, from large-scale sculpture to paintings, textiles, home decor, illustration, murals, and slow fashion (or thoughtfully handmade clothes). It is my firm belief that art exists to answer some need, whether that is esthetic, utilitarian, spiritual, cultural, or other, and unless art serves to make life better why bother making it? This shop is the outpouring of my creativity with these aims in mind. Everything here is handmade by me in my studio in southern Vermont, USA.  I enjoy a wide variety of materials and styles and make every sort of art and craft that I myself have wanted to use and enjoy.

I am a Colorado native who fell in love with Vermont over 25 years ago while attaining a master's degree in fine art at Bennington College.  After another 20 years back in Denver, CO, where I had a child and many jobs as teacher, painter, etc, I finally returned to my beloved Vermont and live in a large old house with a great studio, about an acre of land, and lovely rural environs.  I dream of turning it into a sort of art/farm (stay posted on my various blogs!)

The winter is long here so staying in my cozy house making things is the perfect occupation for me.  I have a few fur friends at my side.  I take great pleasure in making the most beautiful objects I can.  Daily walks in the gorgeous countryside feed my creative inspiration. I look forward to making beautiful objects for you!  I am available locally for custom appointments and welcome design work of all kinds.  In particular, clothing is my latest passion, and I have much experience with wedding design, calligraphy, interior textiles, color consultation, and wardrobe design.  I welcome and encourage wholesale inquiries and offer "wholesale bespoke" service, designing something sold only through your venue.

My home shop and showroom is called Kate's Full Circle Farm, and is open to visitors by appointment. For online sales, most products will be made to order, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  **For holiday shipping and timing, all plaques shown now are ready to ship. Special orders will receive an email at time of order to confirm shipping date. Generally, this can be quicker if you request it to be. Because each piece is handmade, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you find that something doesn't fit right or isn't what you expected, I can work with you to exchange it for something else, but please try to use this option minimally as I really only produce things as needed. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


I sell the samples that are in the photos shown here, additionally I take custom orders using any of the fabrics from the source linked here (email me for questions and with your choices):